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The word siewki holds many meanings in the Polish language. It is the phase of development of plants after their seeds sprout. Siewki also refers to plovers, a subfamily of the Charadriidae family of birds, which can be seen along seashores and river banks and in swampy areas. The younglings of these birds leave their nest soon after hatching and seek their own food independently under the eye of their parents.

My children have not attended school for seven years. I am their mother and teacher, but most of all, their best friend. It is a process. Sometimes something jars, sometimes something sinks in… We create a small society, a family. It is a source of strength, and at the same time the mutual interactions and constant contact stretch us. Our worlds interfuse. I have the chance to awaken childhood in myself and forget about my maternal role when I merge with the group of my children, and I learn about the world with them. They have the chance to closely accompany me in my adulthood. The dialog between us continues.

We live in a space-time that belongs exclusively to us. We move along the orbits of our fascinations, yearnings, expectations, weaknesses and disappointments. We create a space-time on this earth that is filled with experimentation, following the images in our imagination and experiencing simple human closeness.